Beyond Whisky FAQ's

Where is the distillery?

Beyond Distilling is located at 6 Bradman Street, Busselton WA.

What experience does the distillery have?

Head Distiller Greg Garnish has been making award winning wine and spirits in Margaret River for over 20 years

What brand is this whisky?

This is your barrel of Whisky. Beyond will ensure that labelling complies with the legal requirements, however you are free to design your own label for the bottle.

How does it all work?

You will choose the style of your 'new make' spirit. Beyond do all the sourcing, fermenting and distilling of this grain to make several options of zero year old spirit. You can then choose a barrel to mature this spirit in, to make a Whisky that is very individual.

How long will the process take?

By Australian law, Whisky must be aged in barrels for a minimum of 2 years. We encourage you to visit the distillery to embrace the aging process and see how it matures over time. Once it is 2 years old, you may start to bottle some to take home.

What happens as the whisky ages?

Whilst the whisky is maturing, it will develop a lovely caramel colour, as well as develop complex aromas and flavours. A small percentage will evaporate to become the angel's share. This is a normal occurrence. We expect 3-5% per year will be lost in this process.

Do I have to wait 12 years for a good whisky? Or does longer in the barrel make it better?

We expect after 3-5 years the barrel will be perfect. Using 100L casks aging in our warm Busselton environment, we anticipate our whisky to age 2-3 times faster than what would occur in Scotland.

Are there more costs I can expect?

An annual insurance fee will be charged to cover fire and theft. For 2023 this is $200 a barrel per annum.

A Bottling charge will be applied to cover the cost of the glass, box and closure. We will have options available, from $6 a bottle through to $100 a bottle.

How do I visit the distillery?

Please email or telephone the distillery 48 hours prior to make an appointment. The distillery may not be open on public holidays and special event days.

What happens when I visit the distillery?

At the distillery, you will be guided through the whisky room to taste your barrel. The tasting will be recorded in your personal whisky journal, as well as notes included about the barrel. No one else will ever taste your barrel unless you approve - which will be recorded in your personal journal.

Who owns the barrel?

You own the barrel. Each barrel will have its own unique identification marks. A PPSR Registration will be lodged on each barrel to secure your interest in the barrel in case of insolvency. You are free to take the barrel at anytime.

Will Beyond guarantee a future value on the barrel?

No. Beyond will produce and store the whisky and assist in bottling.