Beyond Whisky Membership

Beyond Whisky, the newest addition to Beyond Distilling is offering an exclusive opportunity for private Whisky Club membership.

Membership provides you with your own barrel of premium Western Australian Whisky, housed in a private room at the Distillery in Busselton.  

Enjoy unique experiences as part of this membership, including viewing and tasting your barrel at any time with our resident distillers to see how it is developing.

  • 1. 100 litre personally owned whisky barrel

    2. Personally engraved and date stamped barrel

    3. Exclusive access to the whisky club private barrel room

    4. Invitations to Exclusive events

    5. Personal tastings of your Whisky barrel, in your personal Whisky glass.   You will be encouraged to take notes, all in your personal Whisky portfolio.

  • 6. Special rates to bottle your whisky when ready, and label in your own design.

    7. Personalised Whisky gifts will be curated from time to time,

    8. Exclusive tastings and tours of other Whisky Distilleries.

    9. Leather bound whisky journal that tracks your Whisky journey.

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