We aim to inspire
moments to reflect;
A place to feel grounded.
A moment to Be Still.

Two mates who have shared a long journey of hard work, dedication and a passion for the outback. Josh's deep connection to the Mid West and Chris's focussed skills have created some epic gins that originate from the heart and soul of Western Australia.

Share this passion for our great country and raise a glass of this special Gin.


    The best hands in the business now leads the way in sourcing sustainably grown botanicals from around country WA. A passion for brewing and distilling has created the trademark JK17 Gin.


    Integrity of supply is our mantra.

    Our grains and botanicals are sustainably sourced from our friends in the Mid West.

    Our small batch distillation ensures top quality in every drop.


    A rising star and powerhouse in everything with a passion for creativity and story telling. Chris's dedication to achieve the best results leads the way to craft the trademark JK17 Gin.

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