Martini Masterclass

The origins of the famous Martini Cocktail are unsure.   It appears the earliest recording of this cocktail was in the 1860’s.   A drink was made at the Occidental Hotel in San Francisco, which had a ferry going to Martinez California. This town claims they developed the drink.

Then in 1887 “Martinez Cocktail” was recorded in Jerry Thomas Bartender Guide – albeit containing bitters, maraschino and shaken.

in 1904 saw it was recorded to contain Gin, Vermouth (2:1) and a dash of bitters.  Over the 20th century, the portions changed - the Martini for Drier - 1922 it was 2:1, then 1930's 3:1 then a US Soldier turned it into 15:1 "The Montgomery”.  Churchill was famous for serving his Gin out of the freezer, into a frozen glass, whilst looking at a bottle of Vermouth.

Several variations exist today:

  • Perfect Martini = 1:1
  • Churchill Martini = Gin from freezer, into a frozen glass, whilst look at a bottle of vermouth
  • Wet Martini has more vermouth than gin
  • Dirty = dash of olive brine or olive juice
  • Direct / Naked – no stirring down with ice = stronger result
  • Vodka Martini = vodka instead of gin
  • Beyond Have there variations on this cocktai

Fun fact - It was Bonds 3rd movie when he asked for a Martini “Shaken Not Stirred, and it was Bonds 4th Book that Martini gets a mention – BUT not by Bond


Martini Masterclass
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